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From a Woman’s Perspective

I started Hadassah Ministry because I felt God was calling to me to minster to women who were struggling. Whether it might be illness, mental, emotional, or _______________(insert trial here).

The last time I read thru the Bible in a year, I read 5 chapters at a time and I posted my thoughts regarding anything that The Lord placed upon my heart.

This time, I feel He wants me to read thru, strictly as a woman… do the verses speak to me as a woman, as well as where do I see Jesus as I read?

I don’t feel like God wants a time limit on this. So, I’ll read until I’m moved to write a post. It may be just a few verses in or a few chapters. If it takes some time….which it will because the Bible is HUGE!! (Seriously….have you read it lately??) Anyway….if it takes some time, no big deal. Let’s not rush God or His Word.

His Word is a beautiful love letter written to ALL of us. Let’s discover it together.

My prayer for each of you reading this and joining me on this journey, is that you’ll be lifted up and that He uses me to encourage you. If I may be so bold, would you pray for me as well? That I’ll have a clear mind to hear Him and His leading?

Let’s have some fun!!!