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The following is an email I sent to my husband, Jeff, some time ago and after my email, you’ll be able to read his response to me. Hopefully you’ll be able to see why I say my ministry is to encourage women to be faithful and obedient in all aspects of life. So many non-Christians believe Christian women to be subservient to men; that we are to be silent, never have our own opinions…etc. This couldn’t be any further from the truth; IF you’re married to a true man of faith and is walking the true path Jesus and God the Father asks all of us to walk faithfully. I’m able to walk into the future with no fear, no anxiety, no despair as to what is in front of me. Why? Because I trust my husband and I know that he, like David, is a man after God’s own heart.

My email to Jeff

Hi honey. It’s 5:16 am and I’m just now lying down. I think I’ve become a little afraid to sleep. It’s one thing to have the night sweats every so often like I was, to now having them every night. Argh. I’m just so tired. I love you and am so very thankful for your love, understanding, support.

Love  you,

The following is Jeff’s email in return. 

I love you more than I can explain in words, which you know I’m not very good at.   However, permit me try to write a short story:

As Jeff was sitting at his computer at work he received an email from his wife who is struggling with numerous health issues that have persisted for almost eight years now.  Needless to say it has taken a toll on both of them; their minds, their strength, their finances, even their social life, but it has never been able to penetrate the love they have for one another.   
As he reads about her new found insomnia and drenching night sweats (trying to remember is it sweet or sweat) he can’t help but take a moment and pray for the countless blessings that God has given to both of them through these trials.  Even though he suffers from panic attacks and anxiety brought on by the numerous trips to doctors, emergency rooms, and hospitals over the years, that make him feel like the proverbial “basket case,” he never once wavered from his love for his wife, his children, or his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  
If Satan presented a challenge to the Lord to destroy his marriage and his love for the Lord and his wife; he certainly didn’t know what he was up against….but the Lord knew.  If Satan sincerely knew the two of them he would have realized his challenge would have been fruitless.  Not because they are mighty in the flesh, but because they are mighty in the Lord, something the both of them didn’t realize until they passed through the heat of the trial a few years ago.  The Lord, however, knew all things from the beginning; to which Jeff said under his breath; Hallelujah!
As Jeff continued to type he started to wonder how bad is his grammar and how many spelling errors are racking up.  “No bother,” he thought, “My wife will just laugh and correct them in her head as she reads them.  Unless she wants to post it to Facebook then it will get corrected.”
So after a few moments of writing a short story to his wife, while shedding some tears in the process (and playing it off as having a cold to his co-worker in the room), Jeff once again said in his heart; “Thank you Lord for blessing me with a wonder woman of God, I would not be the man I am today if it wasn’t for her.”  Again…shedding a tear or two while pretending that he is just yawning really hard causing his eyes to water.   And then closing out his email he says;
I love you Amanda with all my heart.  
The End 🙂
Jeff of course went back several times trying his best to correct his errors, but knew that Amanda would find a few here and there….that she would overlook because of her great love for him.    Now….he’s done with the short story.

So, what does your love story look like? Does it look like ours? Ours looks like this because my husband loves me like Jesus loves his people, the Church. Just like Jesus I have no doubt that Jeff will lay down his life for me should it ever be needed.  If your marriage doesn’t look like this, you may be asking yourself, “What do I do? My marriage doesn’t look like this and I want it to. How do I get it to look like that? What steps do I take?” Here are a few steps…1. Talk with your husband. Tell him how you feel and see if he feels the same. 2. Start praying and reading the Bible, DAILY. Do it by yourself and together; Remember, you’re a TEAM. 3. Find a Christian counselor to give you support. If you don’t feel comfortable going to a counselor then find a strong Christian married couple and ask them for their wisdom and support. My husband and I have done this for many couples in the past and it’s a wonderful blessing to help anyone who needs help. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people in your circle. God has you in His hands and He’s never going to take His eyes off of you.