Holding On

Genesis 31-35 – December 29, 2011 at 1:59am

Tonight is Genesis 31-35.   This caught my eye at the end of chapter 32.   It’s about Jacob wrestling all night with a man, a stranger.   We read later that it was God…Jesus…wrestling with Jacob.   Jacob was so determined that at dawn God caused Jacob’s hip to come out of it’s socket because God saw Jacob wouldn’t give up the match.   I can only imagine the type of pain Jacob was experiencing at that moment….but he still refused to let go.   God asked Jacob to let him go but Jacob refused until he received a blessing.  That is when God gave Jacob the new name of Israel.   Israel means struggled with both God and men and won.   WOW!!!   Jacob was actually, physically wrestling with God and he wouldn’t let God go.   Even though exhausted and in great pain, he held on to his Savior.   Friends….sometimes the roads we must travel are filled with pain, confusion, heartache, doubt, and many other uncertainties…..HOWEVER….when we keep our eyes on Jesus, although we will still have trials, we can know, beyond any shadow of doubt, that we are safe and secure in His embrace.   Living your life for God isn’t always comfortable….I’m sure some of you may think I’m “religious” or Bible thumping, or I’m not the same fun Amanda….truth is….I’m still me.   God brings out the qualities He wants and they’re always wonderful.   I won’t be quiet about my desire to be a strong Christian woman.  I know God has seen my struggles…so just call me Israel.   Are you struggling with God?   That’s OK….we’re allowed!   Just don’t let go!   Don’t ever let your trials in this life keep you from who you are….a creation of God.   Sleep well facebook friends.

One more thought….in Genesis we read that Jacob scammed to get Esau’s birthright and blessing.   Jacob had to flee because Esau wanted to harm Jacob. 20 years pass and Jacob is told to go back to Canaan.   Jacob was worried about Esau’s reaction to him so he sent a large amount of sheep and goats as a gift to
Esau….a way to smooth the waters.   Esau came and met Jacob with a smile and joy at Jacob’s return.   Not only was he happy to see his brother, he was willing to stay with Jacob and his group.  Jacob said they needed to go slow and for Esau to go ahead.   Esau insisted that some of his men to stay behind to guide
and protect Jacob.   This is what forgiveness should look like.   Joy and willing to go that extra mile so they know they’ve definitely been forgiven.   That’s all for tonight.   Promise. =)

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