Doubt and God

Exodus 1-5 – January 3 at 12:56am

Tonight’s reading was Exodus 1-5.   What struck me was the calling God placed on Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt.   Moses kept saying who am I to do such a thing?   I’m nothing.   God still said for Moses to go.   Moses said I don’t speak well.   I’m not an orator.   Send someone else.  Still God wants him to go.   God made a concession and appointed Aaron to be the voice but Moses had to provide the words.   What does this say to me?   God saw something in Moses that Moses couldn’t see in himself.   In time, God will reveal the qualities He saw to Moses. If you feel God is calling you to do something but you feel ill equipped to do it, remember the silversmith in Malachi.   Although we can’t always see our own beauty, our own strength, our Creator can!   He WILL bring it out in us.   The trials are NEVER easy to go through.   My trick is to remember, that even when the fire is burning the hottest, my Creator, my heavenly Father has me cradled in His hands and His eyes NEVER leave me.   If you haven’t read about the silversmith in Malachi, the story begins in chapter 3.   Sleep well my friends.

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