Just Do Something!

Exodus 11-15 – January 4 at 1:09am

Tonight was Exodus 11-15.   After all the plagues, the Israelites were led out of Egypt.   The thought that caught my attention is this…the Egyptians, after 3 days, decided they were crazy to let the Israelites go so they went after them. What was the immediate reaction of the Jewish people?   They COMPLAINED!!! They witnessed all the plagues and saw God’s power and here they are just 3 short days later complaining.   As the Egyptians got closer, the Israelites cried out to God.   God said to Moses…Why are your people still here?   Tell them to GET MOVING!   This tells me a few things….first, complaining doesn’t accomplish anything.   It’s really just whining.   Second, God EXPECTS us to take action!!!   We can NOT sit idly by and expect God to do absolutely everything!   Just like any relationship in our lives, our relationship with God is give and take.   Not take, take, take!   Don’t get me wrong, letting someone know
you’re struggling with heartache, pain or whatever isn’t complaining.  Complaining to me, is when you whine all the time and never do anything to change your circumstances.   Let’s use me as an example:  I’ve been sick for 6 years now.   I’ve shared my pain and my struggles with you…however….I was also doing all I could to get an answer.   I tried cutting out certain foods, took supplements, saw doctor after doctor trying to get an answer.   I did NOT sit and do NOTHING!   So…my point is this…we must be willing to take action when we feel God is asking us to.   Quite simply we must DO SOMETHING!   Life is meant to be lived, not waiting on the sidelines!   My only caution is to make sure you’re doing what God would like for you to do.   Sleep well my friends.

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