Moving Water

Leviticus 11-15 – January 12 at 12:50am

Tonight was Leviticus 11-15.   This group of Scripture is teaching about what needs to happen in the case of skin rashes, diseases, contamination of homes and so on.   I find it interesting that the guidelines for basic medicine are in the Bible and yet many, many people who died in later eras due to something so simple as having the doctor or nurse wash their hands in running water prior to touching the patient.   In these chapters we’re told to wash our hands and clothing and anything else contaminated in fresh springwater….MOVING water.   We’re also told to break a clay pot if it’s been touched by someone with a contagious disease….I don’t know if they knew then…but I know we know now….that clay pots…unsealed will absorb whatever is held in it or is held by…ie…the hands of a contaminated man.   They are told to break the pot!   Isn’t it amazing how God put this all in one place!?!?!!   Think of how many people could have been saved….in more ways than one…..if they just read God’s Word!!!!   His
words are truly…TRULY… GIVING!!!   Sleep well my friends.

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