Patience and Pride

Genesis 41-45 – December 31, 2011 at 3:28am

Tonight is Genesis 41-45.   Reading about Joseph interpreting Pharaoh’s dreams.   What caught me was this: the famine that was to come and be so severe that even the memory of the good years will be erased.   That struck a chord in me.   For six years it’s been a struggle.   So much so that I wasn’t able to recall the good years before I became sick.   Through it all, God was allowing His will to shine for me.   Joseph served two additional years in prison after interpreting the cupbearer’s dream.   God was laying the foundation for Joseph to save his family.   Did Joseph know that at the time?   Probably not, but he was faithful.   I don’t know why I’ve endured this illness for six years but I do know I’m going to remain faithful.  Even if I never receive, in this life, a healing, I will remain faithful because I know God has me in His Hands.  I pray you do as well.

I actually had two insights tonight…so here’s the other one.   When Pharaoh called for Joseph to interpret his dreams he told Joseph, “I was told you interpret dreams”.   Joseph is quick to place the glory where it belongs, to God.   I thought about my life.   I’ve always teased about myself and been teased by others that I talk… A LOT….I’ve never really been upset by that because I meet the most interesting people and have wonderful experiences I don’t think would have happened if God hadn’t given me that talent.   I’ve always been a good salesperson.   It fits my personality.   Then I started working for Go Fish and almost every day I was told “we couldn’t do this without you” or “our days are better when you’re here”.   It was wonderful to feel needed but instead of giving God the glory, I began to believe my own hype.   Well…guess what…I’m no longer at Go Fish and they’re doing it without me.   The lesson I learned was simple, always make sure to put the glory where it should go….at the feet of Jesus.   So there….now you know some of my sin.   Isn’t wonderful we can experience forgiveness at any time?   HE truly is an AWESOME GOD.   Sleep
well my friends.

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