What is Oppression?

Leviticus 21-27 – January 14 at 2:33am

Tonight was Leviticus 21-27…a few chapters more than usual but this way I’ll start Numbers tomorrow.  What caught my eye tonight was Lev. 25:17  “Therefore you shall not oppress one another, but you shall fear your God;  for I am the Lord your God!”   This type of thought has been on my mind lately.   What
does it mean when it says we shall not oppress one another?   Here’s my take.   If we’re being mean to, gossiping about, lying about, excluding, making fun of, or not being a good friend to someone….then to me….that’s oppressing someone.   How is that being Christian?   It isn’t!   As brothers and sisters in
Christ, these types of behaviors should NEVER be a part of our lives!   By behaving this way there is a tremendous amount of damage done to the church body.   There is also a lot of damage done to non believers.   They will think, ‘What’s the point of being a Christian when the Christians I’ve met behave like that?’   This type of behavior hurts everyone.   When we find ourselves doing this, we need to repent, change our behavior, and move forward.   Sleep well my friends.

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