Hard Choices

The last two days I’ve had the passage in mind I wanted to write about but I haven’t done so. One of my doctors has started me on a new med and it’s made me tired so my body is still getting used to it. So I’ve been falling asleep a lot earlier than I normally do and taking longer naps. My mind is kinda fuzzy. :-/

I believe God has done that for a purpose though. See, the section I’m writing about is in Genesis chapter 3. This chapter in God’s Word tells us about the temptation and fall of man.

It talks of the serpent, which we know is satan, tempting Eve to eat fruit from the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Eve, as we know, not only ate the fruit from the tree but she also gave it to Adam.

I then intended to go on to the passage about them hiding from God because of their shame at being naked.

There are so many lessons we can take from this passage.

1. Eve encouraged Adam to sin with her and succeeded. So we shouldn’t encourage others to join us in our sins.

2. Eve’s sin didn’t just touch her life, she took her husband with her. Thus our sins never effect just our lives, they effect those around us.

3. Beware of talking animals….especially snakes which are really creepy to begin with. 🙂

Then, the part I was going to focus on was why they hid from God. That when we sin we can find it hard to come before The Lord knowing how dirty we are. How deep our stains run. How we can commit a sin and not repent, then another, and another, so on and so on and soon….we feel like we’re not connected to God. We feel like we can’t get back to Him.

Which is silly because ALL it takes it a prayer of sincere repentance and we’re back where we’re supposed to be; in His Embrace.

I was going to tie that into how that type of behavior can creep into our relationships with those in our lives as well. With our loved ones. One bad behavior, one angry outburst and it can start a wall that, with each day, becomes higher and higher and harder and harder to overcome.

Then today, I thought about this passage in a totally different light.

What Eve was presented with here was simple.


A choice between God’s path and satan’s path. A choice between right and wrong. A choice between easy and hard.

A choice to stand up for what is right, what God offered them or a choice to go wrong and take what satan offered them.

She chose unwisely huh??

The thing is this…..haven’t we all?? At one time or another, haven’t we ALL made bad choices? I know I have. Boy have I!!

It would have taken immense courage, I think, for Eve to have stood up to satan and said, “Thanks, but no thanks. I’m sticking with God and whatever He has in store for me.”

Why do I say courage? Because she didn’t know what her future held. She didn’t know where God was going to lead Adam and her. What plans He had in store for their lives.

In my mind I see a picture of a man and a woman standing on the edge of a cliff and they’re about to take a step off, knowing once they take that step there WILL be something there to catch them.


Instead, Eve chose, as so many have done…..starting with Lucifer himself….
to be like God. She chose to to take something that wasn’t hers to take. Something she was told, explicitly, NOT to take.

So, how do we apply this to our lives?

We look and see….are we choosing God? Even when it’s hard, even when our beliefs aren’t popular, even when we’re ridiculed, made fun of, mocked?


Do we choose to live by His Word and all that’s contained with in it? Do we live our lives with love? Do we try to make amends for our mistakes? Do we choose to be the absolute best we can be because we’re walking in the image of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ??

I’ll be the first to admit…..I struggle. I’m not perfect. Show me a Christian who says otherwise and I’ll show you a person who isn’t a Christian or, at the very least, is lying….which is a sin so hmmmm….. We are ALL flawed, damaged, dented, broken, hurt, and ravaged in some way and we’re ALL, hopefully, doing the best we can to be better people.

The question is….


We read God’s Word. We pray. We fellowship with other believers. We strive to have a progressive spirit that is ALWAYS seeking to have more of Him and less of us.

It isn’t easy and we’ll mess up….a lot…
but we repent and we keep moving forward. Remember this verse for strength.

James 4:7

Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.

Keep resisting the evil one, turning to The Holy One and you’ll be on the right path.


If you don’t know Jesus as your Lord and Savior, please message me and let me answer any questions you have. Don’t wait. He loves you and is waiting for you. None of us are promised tomorrow. Don’t put it off.

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