A Strong Fortress

Genesis 6-10 – December 23, 2011 at 1:51am

Reading in Genesis about the making of Noah’s Ark.   God told Noah to tar both the outside and the inside of the ark.   Why wasn’t it enough to just use tar on the outside?   That’s the part of the boat that would have the majority of contact with the water.   Not only did the outside need to be prepared but the inside did as well….to be a STRONG FORTRESS.   This is like us.   Even if our outside is pretty, functional, and “polished” but the inside isn’t, then the inside will ultimately cause the outside to collapse.   So the question we must ask ourselves is simple….is my inside pleasing to God?   If not, what must I do for that to be?  Repent, pray, read His Word, fellowship with other believers.  Just my two cents for the night.   Sleep well my friends.

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