True Relationship

Genesis 11-15 – December 24, 2011 at 4:22am

So…continuing on reading 5 chapters a night from the Bible…tonight 11-15.   Two things got me thinking as I was reading this grouping of Scripture.   First, when Abram and Lot divided the land.   Abram was generous and allowed Lot to pick first.   Lot didn’t pray, didn’t even attempt to learn God’s will in this matter.   He made his choice based upon his fleshly desires.  There are always consequences to our decisions we make based on our fleshly desires.   Soon he would face great destruction all around him at Sodom and Gomorrah.    The second thing has to do with our relationship with God.   God told Abram what He had planned for the future.   Abram wasn’t afraid to question God.   This passage is a wonderful example of what a relationship with God should look like.  God isn’t up there being dogmatic or unreachable.   He gives us the ability to question Him, be angry with Him, be frustrated, confused or any other emotion we are capable of.   THAT IS TRUE RELATIONSHIP!  Think about it, don’t you have that type of relationship with people in your life?  Why should our relationship with God be different?   Sleep well my friends.

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