Behind the Scenes

Genesis 21-25 – December 27, 2011 at 1:41am

Tonight is Genesis 21-25.   Right off the bat I’m reading about Abraham circumcising Isaac.   God commanded it to be done on the 8th day.   Abraham didn’t ask why the 8th day but was faithful and obedient.   The 8th day of life in a male is when the levels of vitamin K and prothrombin are at 100% above normal. These are vital for coagulation.   Lesson…we may not understand why God is asking us to do something on a particular day or in a certain way however, like Abraham, we must be willing to be faithful and obedient.   In a world where there is violence, famine, drought, and apathy we don’t always know what is going on “behind the scenes”.  However, in the Spiritual realm  EVERYTHING WORKS FOR THE GREATER GOOD FOR THOSE WHO LOVE THE LORD AND ARE CALLED ACCORDING TO HIS PURPOSE.   Everything worked for the greater good of Abraham because he was faithful to God and doing as He asked.  The question is…do you have that….do I have that?   Something to think about.   Sleep well friends.

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