Insights from the Lord

Dear Friends,

I have, since end of December 2011, been posting on Facebook thoughts I’ve had as I’ve been reading the Bible nightly.  I felt God asking me to make a “Spiritual Bucket List” of things He would like me to do for the year 2012.  The top of the list was the nightly sharing of God’s Word to my Facebook friends.  A way to witness to believers and non-believers alike.  I’ll post each day as a separate post so it is easier to read.

As you read them, take time to really think about it, go to your Bible and read the passages that the posts are about.  Ask God to give you insight as you read His Word.  The things He will show you may not be what He’s speaking to me.  It’s a wonderful thing….God giving to each of His children what they need when they need it.  I love His Word and I pray that’s what you see when you read these posts.  That you see Him and not me.  He’s the one they’re all about!

May God Bless You My Friends.

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