A Temple Worthy of the Lord

Exodus 36-40 – January 9 at 12:57am

Tonight I finished Exodus 36-40.   These last 5 chapters are again dealing with the Tabernacle, the Priest’s robes and so on.   As I was reading it, I thought how detailed the building instructions were….even to the smallest detail.   The materials used were the best God’s land had to offer.   Then I thought how precious it all was.   It had to be a home capable of housing the Almighty God! That’s a pretty overwhelming concept.   Then I thought, the temple He resides in now, thru the Holy Spirit, is our body.   Is our temple capable of housing the Almighty God?   How do we know?   For me, having a temple worthy of housing
my Creator, means reading in His Word, praying, serving others, serving Him. To me it means I must be willing to put good things in my temple in order for God to have a dwelling worthy of His Spirit.   That means watching what I put in…do I watch tv shows that show pretty much everything contradictory to
His teachings?   Am I listening to music with lyrics that are offensive to God?   It boils down to what do I desire more….Him in my temple or the world?   I pray my actions, words, and deeds show my desire is ALWAYS for Him to dwell in my temple.   Sleep well my friends.

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