What is Wisdom?

Exodus 31-35 – January 7 at 9:45pm

Tonight was Exodus 31-35.   I came across this verse, again about stuff for the Tabernacle, the priest’s robes, and so on.   The following verse really speaks to me.   Ex 31:6b  “In the hearts of all who are wise hearted I (God) have put wisdom that they may make all I have commanded them.”    So  I asked myself, who does God think  is wise?  It’s simple…those who seek Him!!!   For quite awhile now I’ve been repeatedly asking God, in prayer time and as life happens, for Him to give me wisdom, knowledge, and discernment.   So I guess that makes me wise because I’m seeking Him FIRST!!   Of course, if you ask most people in my life, I don’t think wise is a word they would use to describe me.   Funny, goofy, absent-minded, kind, and hopefully not too bad looking….lol…but wise?  I wonder if  I think people wouldn’t use that word to describe me is because I don’t think I’m wise?   Well….God just made it abundantly clear.   I’m wise…..I’M WISE!!!!   I also think sometimes God and Jesus laugh with me….let’s face it…I’m pretty funny! =) SO!   How you see yourself isn’t the key….it’s how GOD sees you!  If you are seeking Him then you ARE wise!   If you aren’t seeking Him….come join the wise club.   Sleep well my friends!

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