Through the Bible in a Year…..What to Expect

This will be the second time I’ve done through the Bible in a year.  The first time was in 2012.  I stuck to a calendar year, reading 5 chapters at a time, sometimes not posting depending on what was going on in our lives, sometimes doing catch up…..but, in the end, it was all done in a year.  This time around, a few things will be different. 

Last time, it was for all my Facebook friends, this time it will be for Hadassah Ministry…..and Facebook friends.  🙂

Last time, I posted on whatever really spoke to me, regardless of what group it might reach.  This time, I want to post thoughts specifically for women since I feel God wants me to use Hadassah Ministry to reach out to women to encourage them and lift them up.  We ALL need that don’t we ladies?

Last time, I had a set time frame…a year.  This time….not so much.  I want to be open to wherever God leads and if He has more for me in, say Genesis than He does in Leviticus, I want to go down that path. 

Finally, I want this to be an open forum where women discuss how we feel about these issues.  Do we feel they’re relevant today?  Do we apply them to our lives?  Do we lack in certain areas? 

People may laugh but my absolute true heart’s desire for this ministry is simple……

First….I want to always do God’s Will and to be about His business.

Second…..I want to develop deep and lasting bonds with women.  I truly have a heart for women who are hurting.  I may come across as nosy or inquisitive but I really just want to know how to pray for those who are in need.  I want to create a network of women who put the Lord first and who truly love other women and have a heart to love each other and help each other. 

To pray for them, to nurture them, to pour into them spiritually, emotionally, and with love.  It isn’t always easy….there are no easy roads in life……we all know that…..but we can all make the effort…how about we make the journey together?

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