Moving Water

Leviticus 11-15 – January 12 at 12:50am

Tonight was Leviticus 11-15.   This group of Scripture is teaching about what needs to happen in the case of skin rashes, diseases, contamination of homes and so on.   I find it interesting that the guidelines for basic medicine are in the Bible and yet many, many people who died in later eras due to something so simple as having the doctor or nurse wash their hands in running water prior to touching the patient.   In these chapters we’re told to wash our hands and clothing and anything else contaminated in fresh springwater….MOVING water.   We’re also told to break a clay pot if it’s been touched by someone with a contagious disease….I don’t know if they knew then…but I know we know now….that clay pots…unsealed will absorb whatever is held in it or is held by…ie…the hands of a contaminated man.   They are told to break the pot!   Isn’t it amazing how God put this all in one place!?!?!!   Think of how many people could have been saved….in more ways than one…..if they just read God’s Word!!!!   His
words are truly…TRULY… GIVING!!!   Sleep well my friends.

Burning Desire

Leviticus 6-10 – January 11 at 1:42am

Tonight was Leviticus 6-10.   Lev. 6:13 “Remember, the fire must be kept burning on the altar at all times.  It must never go out.”   What does this mean to you? To me it’s a simple but powerful metaphor…..our altar, which I think is our heart, must always be on fire for God.   We must desire Him with a burning intensity.   How do we achieve that burning desire?   Read His Word.   It really is that simple. Make it a daily part of your life and watch Him change you from the inside out. Like any relationship, there will be ebbs and flows…just make sure you’re not lukewarm.   Just read.   You will be changed.   I know I am.   Sleep well my friends.

Honesty is Vital

Leviticus 1-5 – January 10 at 11:11pm

Leviticus chapters 1-5.   Leviticus 5:2  “If any of the people are called to testify about something they have witnessed, but they refuse to testify, they will be held responsible and be subject to punishment.”   To me, this speaks about keeping silent when you know someone has done something wrong.   We, as a
society, are groomed to not be the ‘snitch’ or are made fun of for being a ‘goody-goody’.   WHY???   What should be encouraged, should be exemplified, is standing up for the RIGHT and HONEST thing.   By going along with the crowd when they’re doing something wrong, make us just as guilty as them!!   Even if we don’t actively participate, we are guilty by keeping silent!   To all my younger friends…I know how it feels to be the one made fun of  for being the goody-goody two shoes.   You know what though?   I’d rather have that be my reputation than have a reputation that says I’m mean, or a liar, or manipulative, basically…one that says I’m like the world.   Our only concern should be this;  WHAT DOES MY GOD IN HEAVEN WANT?   He wants us to be truthful.   Sleep well my friends!

A Temple Worthy of the Lord

Exodus 36-40 – January 9 at 12:57am

Tonight I finished Exodus 36-40.   These last 5 chapters are again dealing with the Tabernacle, the Priest’s robes and so on.   As I was reading it, I thought how detailed the building instructions were….even to the smallest detail.   The materials used were the best God’s land had to offer.   Then I thought how precious it all was.   It had to be a home capable of housing the Almighty God! That’s a pretty overwhelming concept.   Then I thought, the temple He resides in now, thru the Holy Spirit, is our body.   Is our temple capable of housing the Almighty God?   How do we know?   For me, having a temple worthy of housing
my Creator, means reading in His Word, praying, serving others, serving Him. To me it means I must be willing to put good things in my temple in order for God to have a dwelling worthy of His Spirit.   That means watching what I put in…do I watch tv shows that show pretty much everything contradictory to
His teachings?   Am I listening to music with lyrics that are offensive to God?   It boils down to what do I desire more….Him in my temple or the world?   I pray my actions, words, and deeds show my desire is ALWAYS for Him to dwell in my temple.   Sleep well my friends.

What is Wisdom?

Exodus 31-35 – January 7 at 9:45pm

Tonight was Exodus 31-35.   I came across this verse, again about stuff for the Tabernacle, the priest’s robes, and so on.   The following verse really speaks to me.   Ex 31:6b  “In the hearts of all who are wise hearted I (God) have put wisdom that they may make all I have commanded them.”    So  I asked myself, who does God think  is wise?  It’s simple…those who seek Him!!!   For quite awhile now I’ve been repeatedly asking God, in prayer time and as life happens, for Him to give me wisdom, knowledge, and discernment.   So I guess that makes me wise because I’m seeking Him FIRST!!   Of course, if you ask most people in my life, I don’t think wise is a word they would use to describe me.   Funny, goofy, absent-minded, kind, and hopefully not too bad looking….lol…but wise?  I wonder if  I think people wouldn’t use that word to describe me is because I don’t think I’m wise?   Well….God just made it abundantly clear.   I’m wise…..I’M WISE!!!!   I also think sometimes God and Jesus laugh with me….let’s face it…I’m pretty funny! =) SO!   How you see yourself isn’t the key….it’s how GOD sees you!  If you are seeking Him then you ARE wise!   If you aren’t seeking Him….come join the wise club.   Sleep well my friends!

A Continual Reminder

Exodus 26-30 – January 7 at 2:21am

So tonight was a tough one.   Exodus 26-30.   This grouping of Scripture is very detailed and I didn’t see what wisdom the Holy Spirit would give me for this passage.   It is a very detailed list of instructions for the building of the Ark of the Covenant, the robes for the high priest and so on.   I then came to a
small part about the robe that was to be made for the first high priest, Aaron. There, in the ephod and chestpiece, were precious stones carved with the names of the 12 tribes of Israel.   When Aaron would wear the robe, which he had to do every time he went into the Holy of Holies, in the presence of God,
those stones with the names of God’s chosen people, rested directly over Aaron’s heart.   My Bible version says  “This would be a continual reminder that he represents the people when he comes before the Lord.”    So Aaron had written on his heart the names of people he prayed for.   Many of you, my loved ones, are “written” on my heart when I go before God in prayer.   I consider it an honor and privilege to pray for others.   I consider it a privilege because I know it isn’t always easy to let our guards down and invite someone to share in our needs.   It can be a very vulnerable thing to do because we are trusting them to hold a piece of us in their hands and not crush us.   I pray you all know I’m here.   You can share with me and know you won’t be crushed.   You don’t even need to tell me details.   You can just say you need prayer…that simple!   God knows what you need! So….do you have people written on your heart that you take with you into prayer?   Not sure how to pray?   Just talk to Him…just like you would with a spouse or a friend.   He is always there and He’ll always listen.   I promise.   Sleep well my friends.

They’re Doing It!

Exodus 21-25 – January 6 at 2:00am

Tonight was Exodus 21-25.   I dedicate this to every parent who has been told by their children, “BUT THEY’RE DOING IT!”   Ex. 23:1-2.  “Do not pass along false reports.   Do not cooperate with evil people by telling lies on the witness stand.   Do not join a crowd that intends to do evil.   When you are on the witness stand, do not be swayed in your testimony by the opinion of the majority.”

This says….to me….God doesn’t want us to ‘go along with the crowd’.   He wants us to have our own opinions!   To NOT be swayed to do something or act a certain way because our friends are.   He wants us to think for ourselves!   His Word is what should have sway over us.   Not the popular girl at school or the athletic prom king.   HIS WORD!!!   The best advice I can ever give is to pour…no…FLOOD our spirits with God’s Word and His desires for us.   That way, when we’re tempted to do something because someone else is, His Word will come to our minds and remind us  the good, honorable, just action He wants us to have.   Flood His word into yourself, your spouse, your children, your friends and so on and watch the beauty that will spring forth!   Good night my friends, sleep well.

God Made is Best

Exodus 16-20 – January 5 at 3:24am

Tonight was Exodus 16-20.   This is where the ten commandments are found.   It’s also where God comes down a third of the way down the mountain and allows them to hear His voice.   At the end of chapter 20 God tells them how to build an altar.   What caught my eye was the directive to only use stones that weren’t polished or shaped by men’s hands.   Only the untouched stones are holy and suitable to be used in an altar for God.    That made me think….what God has made….NO MAN CAN IMPROVE UPON!!!   Sleep well friends.

Just Do Something!

Exodus 11-15 – January 4 at 1:09am

Tonight was Exodus 11-15.   After all the plagues, the Israelites were led out of Egypt.   The thought that caught my attention is this…the Egyptians, after 3 days, decided they were crazy to let the Israelites go so they went after them. What was the immediate reaction of the Jewish people?   They COMPLAINED!!! They witnessed all the plagues and saw God’s power and here they are just 3 short days later complaining.   As the Egyptians got closer, the Israelites cried out to God.   God said to Moses…Why are your people still here?   Tell them to GET MOVING!   This tells me a few things….first, complaining doesn’t accomplish anything.   It’s really just whining.   Second, God EXPECTS us to take action!!!   We can NOT sit idly by and expect God to do absolutely everything!   Just like any relationship in our lives, our relationship with God is give and take.   Not take, take, take!   Don’t get me wrong, letting someone know
you’re struggling with heartache, pain or whatever isn’t complaining.  Complaining to me, is when you whine all the time and never do anything to change your circumstances.   Let’s use me as an example:  I’ve been sick for 6 years now.   I’ve shared my pain and my struggles with you…however….I was also doing all I could to get an answer.   I tried cutting out certain foods, took supplements, saw doctor after doctor trying to get an answer.   I did NOT sit and do NOTHING!   So…my point is this…we must be willing to take action when we feel God is asking us to.   Quite simply we must DO SOMETHING!   Life is meant to be lived, not waiting on the sidelines!   My only caution is to make sure you’re doing what God would like for you to do.   Sleep well my friends.

We’re Never Too Old

Exodus 6-10 – January 3 at 11:09am

Did you know Moses was 80 and she Aaron was 83 when God called them to lead the Israelites out of Egypt?   Just goes to show you….you’re never too old to do things for God!   This was from the Exodus 6-10 from last night’s reading.  Sleep well my friends.