God Made is Best

Exodus 16-20 – January 5 at 3:24am

Tonight was Exodus 16-20.   This is where the ten commandments are found.   It’s also where God comes down a third of the way down the mountain and allows them to hear His voice.   At the end of chapter 20 God tells them how to build an altar.   What caught my eye was the directive to only use stones that weren’t polished or shaped by men’s hands.   Only the untouched stones are holy and suitable to be used in an altar for God.    That made me think….what God has made….NO MAN CAN IMPROVE UPON!!!   Sleep well friends.

Just Do Something!

Exodus 11-15 – January 4 at 1:09am

Tonight was Exodus 11-15.   After all the plagues, the Israelites were led out of Egypt.   The thought that caught my attention is this…the Egyptians, after 3 days, decided they were crazy to let the Israelites go so they went after them. What was the immediate reaction of the Jewish people?   They COMPLAINED!!! They witnessed all the plagues and saw God’s power and here they are just 3 short days later complaining.   As the Egyptians got closer, the Israelites cried out to God.   God said to Moses…Why are your people still here?   Tell them to GET MOVING!   This tells me a few things….first, complaining doesn’t accomplish anything.   It’s really just whining.   Second, God EXPECTS us to take action!!!   We can NOT sit idly by and expect God to do absolutely everything!   Just like any relationship in our lives, our relationship with God is give and take.   Not take, take, take!   Don’t get me wrong, letting someone know
you’re struggling with heartache, pain or whatever isn’t complaining.  Complaining to me, is when you whine all the time and never do anything to change your circumstances.   Let’s use me as an example:  I’ve been sick for 6 years now.   I’ve shared my pain and my struggles with you…however….I was also doing all I could to get an answer.   I tried cutting out certain foods, took supplements, saw doctor after doctor trying to get an answer.   I did NOT sit and do NOTHING!   So…my point is this…we must be willing to take action when we feel God is asking us to.   Quite simply we must DO SOMETHING!   Life is meant to be lived, not waiting on the sidelines!   My only caution is to make sure you’re doing what God would like for you to do.   Sleep well my friends.

We’re Never Too Old

Exodus 6-10 – January 3 at 11:09am

Did you know Moses was 80 and she Aaron was 83 when God called them to lead the Israelites out of Egypt?   Just goes to show you….you’re never too old to do things for God!   This was from the Exodus 6-10 from last night’s reading.  Sleep well my friends.

Doubt and God

Exodus 1-5 – January 3 at 12:56am

Tonight’s reading was Exodus 1-5.   What struck me was the calling God placed on Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt.   Moses kept saying who am I to do such a thing?   I’m nothing.   God still said for Moses to go.   Moses said I don’t speak well.   I’m not an orator.   Send someone else.  Still God wants him to go.   God made a concession and appointed Aaron to be the voice but Moses had to provide the words.   What does this say to me?   God saw something in Moses that Moses couldn’t see in himself.   In time, God will reveal the qualities He saw to Moses. If you feel God is calling you to do something but you feel ill equipped to do it, remember the silversmith in Malachi.   Although we can’t always see our own beauty, our own strength, our Creator can!   He WILL bring it out in us.   The trials are NEVER easy to go through.   My trick is to remember, that even when the fire is burning the hottest, my Creator, my heavenly Father has me cradled in His hands and His eyes NEVER leave me.   If you haven’t read about the silversmith in Malachi, the story begins in chapter 3.   Sleep well my friends.

Remembering Kindness

Genesis 46-50 – January 1 at 1:05am

I finished the end of  Genesis tonight with chapters 46-50.   It talks about Jacob and his whole family traveling to Egypt to be reunited with his son Joseph who had been sold by his brothers.   What struck me was the respect the Pharaoh had for Joseph and his father Jacob.   But soon to come is a Pharaoh who doesn’t have respect for the Line of Jacob and Joseph.   It’s interesting….how things are quickly forgotten, how quickly the good done in one generation is no longer remembered in the next generation.   Has someone done a kindness to you?   Don’t forget it. Talk about it with your children, family, and friends so it will be remembered. Have a blessed 2012 my friends.

Patience and Pride

Genesis 41-45 – December 31, 2011 at 3:28am

Tonight is Genesis 41-45.   Reading about Joseph interpreting Pharaoh’s dreams.   What caught me was this: the famine that was to come and be so severe that even the memory of the good years will be erased.   That struck a chord in me.   For six years it’s been a struggle.   So much so that I wasn’t able to recall the good years before I became sick.   Through it all, God was allowing His will to shine for me.   Joseph served two additional years in prison after interpreting the cupbearer’s dream.   God was laying the foundation for Joseph to save his family.   Did Joseph know that at the time?   Probably not, but he was faithful.   I don’t know why I’ve endured this illness for six years but I do know I’m going to remain faithful.  Even if I never receive, in this life, a healing, I will remain faithful because I know God has me in His Hands.  I pray you do as well.

I actually had two insights tonight…so here’s the other one.   When Pharaoh called for Joseph to interpret his dreams he told Joseph, “I was told you interpret dreams”.   Joseph is quick to place the glory where it belongs, to God.   I thought about my life.   I’ve always teased about myself and been teased by others that I talk… A LOT….I’ve never really been upset by that because I meet the most interesting people and have wonderful experiences I don’t think would have happened if God hadn’t given me that talent.   I’ve always been a good salesperson.   It fits my personality.   Then I started working for Go Fish and almost every day I was told “we couldn’t do this without you” or “our days are better when you’re here”.   It was wonderful to feel needed but instead of giving God the glory, I began to believe my own hype.   Well…guess what…I’m no longer at Go Fish and they’re doing it without me.   The lesson I learned was simple, always make sure to put the glory where it should go….at the feet of Jesus.   So there….now you know some of my sin.   Isn’t wonderful we can experience forgiveness at any time?   HE truly is an AWESOME GOD.   Sleep
well my friends.

What Type of Parent Are You?

Genesis 36-40 – December 30, 2011 at 2:21am

Tonight was Genesis 36-40.   What caught my attention was Judah, Er, Onan, Shelah, and Tamar.   Judah was the father of Er, Onan, and Shelah.   Tamar married Er but he was so evil, God took his life.   As was custom in those days, Onan needed to marry Tamar and have a son to be heir for Er.   Onan didn’t
want that so every time they had relations, he spilled his seed on the ground so she wouldn’t become pregnant.   This, too, was wicked in the Lord’s sight so he took Oman’s life.   Shelah, at this point, was too young to marry so Judah told Tamar to go to her parents and she would be sent for when Shelah was of age.   Judah never intended to keep that promise because he didn’t want to lose another son.   What struck me is pretty simple….what type of parent was Judah?   He had one son so evil, the Lord took him, and another son defiant to the laws of their faith, the Lord took him as well.   To me, that says Judah was
anything but a good father.   What example must he have set for his kids to turn out that way?   So we must ask ourselves…what example are we setting for our kids?   Do they see us be defiant to authority and then wonder why they don’t accept our authority?   Do we lie in front if them and then be upset
when they lie to us?   Do we act mean towards people in our lives and then wonder where our kid’s meanness comes from?   Ultimately it boils down to this:  are we setting a good example or a bad example for our children?   If we have children with tempers, attitudes, zero respect for others, and indifference to rules and authority, we must look at ourselves and ask, honestly, is it something we are doing?   What is our example, day in and day out?   Not a little here, a little discipline there.   We must be consistent for the sake of our children.   Being a parent will never be easy but we MUST make every effort to raise them and to remove the bad qualities and pour in the good qualities.   Isn’t that what our Heavenly Father does with us?  He removes from us qualities that don’t honor Him and pouring into us the qualities that show Jesus in us.  So as parents ourselves, that means doing the time….every day no matter what.   We have such a short time with these precious souls.   We need to make it count.   Sleep well my friends.

Holding On

Genesis 31-35 – December 29, 2011 at 1:59am

Tonight is Genesis 31-35.   This caught my eye at the end of chapter 32.   It’s about Jacob wrestling all night with a man, a stranger.   We read later that it was God…Jesus…wrestling with Jacob.   Jacob was so determined that at dawn God caused Jacob’s hip to come out of it’s socket because God saw Jacob wouldn’t give up the match.   I can only imagine the type of pain Jacob was experiencing at that moment….but he still refused to let go.   God asked Jacob to let him go but Jacob refused until he received a blessing.  That is when God gave Jacob the new name of Israel.   Israel means struggled with both God and men and won.   WOW!!!   Jacob was actually, physically wrestling with God and he wouldn’t let God go.   Even though exhausted and in great pain, he held on to his Savior.   Friends….sometimes the roads we must travel are filled with pain, confusion, heartache, doubt, and many other uncertainties…..HOWEVER….when we keep our eyes on Jesus, although we will still have trials, we can know, beyond any shadow of doubt, that we are safe and secure in His embrace.   Living your life for God isn’t always comfortable….I’m sure some of you may think I’m “religious” or Bible thumping, or I’m not the same fun Amanda….truth is….I’m still me.   God brings out the qualities He wants and they’re always wonderful.   I won’t be quiet about my desire to be a strong Christian woman.  I know God has seen my struggles…so just call me Israel.   Are you struggling with God?   That’s OK….we’re allowed!   Just don’t let go!   Don’t ever let your trials in this life keep you from who you are….a creation of God.   Sleep well facebook friends.

One more thought….in Genesis we read that Jacob scammed to get Esau’s birthright and blessing.   Jacob had to flee because Esau wanted to harm Jacob. 20 years pass and Jacob is told to go back to Canaan.   Jacob was worried about Esau’s reaction to him so he sent a large amount of sheep and goats as a gift to
Esau….a way to smooth the waters.   Esau came and met Jacob with a smile and joy at Jacob’s return.   Not only was he happy to see his brother, he was willing to stay with Jacob and his group.  Jacob said they needed to go slow and for Esau to go ahead.   Esau insisted that some of his men to stay behind to guide
and protect Jacob.   This is what forgiveness should look like.   Joy and willing to go that extra mile so they know they’ve definitely been forgiven.   That’s all for tonight.   Promise. =)

Fool Me Once

Genesis 26-30 – December 28, 2011 at 2:34pm

So…last night my Scripture reading was Genesis 26-30…as I was reading, I thought….I know all this….where is the enlightenment for me tonight Sometimes it takes a while!   I pondered last night and today on that passage of Scripture and as I was heading to my nail appointment, it hit me!  So here ya
go!  During king Abimelech’s reign, Abraham lied and said Sarah was his sister and not his wife so that they would treat him well in order to get Sarah. BTW…Sarah was actually his half-sister so it wasn’t a complete lie….then God came to Abimelech and told him he was a dead man because the woman he took was married.  Abimelech claimed innocence because he truly didn’t know and God came to Abimelech in a dream so that he wouldn’t sin against God.  God prevented Abimelech from sinning.  Then we read in chapter 26 of Genesis that Isaac, son of Abraham, lied to king Abimelech and said Rebekah was his sister and not his wife.   So….two things….a child repeating the sins of his father.   Then this morning I had the old adage of  “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me” pop into my head as I was thinking about the passage I had been reading last night.   I think the lesson here can also be tied into the New Testament Scripture that tells us to be as wise as serpents but harmless as doves.  Abimelech wasn’t being wise.   In fact, he was being led by his flesh.   I would think I would have been more wary if the same circumstance happened twice.   Abimelech wasn’t using caution and wisdom.   Isn’t interesting that the adage the world uses to teach wisdom and caution is also found in Scripture?   That tells me He is everywhere!  Turn to His son Jesus and meet me in heaven!  Sleep well my friends.

Behind the Scenes

Genesis 21-25 – December 27, 2011 at 1:41am

Tonight is Genesis 21-25.   Right off the bat I’m reading about Abraham circumcising Isaac.   God commanded it to be done on the 8th day.   Abraham didn’t ask why the 8th day but was faithful and obedient.   The 8th day of life in a male is when the levels of vitamin K and prothrombin are at 100% above normal. These are vital for coagulation.   Lesson…we may not understand why God is asking us to do something on a particular day or in a certain way however, like Abraham, we must be willing to be faithful and obedient.   In a world where there is violence, famine, drought, and apathy we don’t always know what is going on “behind the scenes”.  However, in the Spiritual realm  EVERYTHING WORKS FOR THE GREATER GOOD FOR THOSE WHO LOVE THE LORD AND ARE CALLED ACCORDING TO HIS PURPOSE.   Everything worked for the greater good of Abraham because he was faithful to God and doing as He asked.  The question is…do you have that….do I have that?   Something to think about.   Sleep well friends.